Watch a tank attack a medieval army in the latest Kingmakers trailer

May 22, 2024 by No Comments

Kingmakers is shaping up very well, going by the latest trailer. In the ‘Wreck Havoc’ trailer, the Kingmakers’ destructive capabilities are on display for all to see, as viewers watch the hulking tank effortlessly smash through 13th-century medieval buildings. There are scenes of a dirtbike-riding soldier indiscriminately charging into a crowd with an AK-47, and scenes of the same character wielding a shotgun and mowing down horsemen.

Kingmaker’s Wild

In our recent interview with the developers behind Kingmakers, we learned that this ambitious title is being called the ‘ultimate medieval fantasy game’. It’s a mix of third-person action and RTS elements, with players taking control of a character sent back to change history by topping ancient rulers in their strongholds.

The latest trailer reveals a bit more about how players will accomplish those goals. Mostly, they carry modern weapons and face waves of medieval soldiers desperately trying to survive with swords, shields, arrows and spears. This new trailer perfectly showcases the most destructive aspects of Kingmakers, showing how players can completely collapse a building with a well-placed shot from a grenade launcher or cleanly driving a main battle tank.

Despite having elements that border on the weird, Kingmakers is considered a legitimate title and has been in development for several years. It doesn’t have a release date, but it’s becoming one of the most wanted games on Steam.

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