We Rising sunk its teeth into the PlayStation 5 on June 11.

May 20, 2024 by No Comments

Swedish developer Stunlock Studios has announced the PlayStation 5 version of the open-world vampire survival game V increasing. Starting June 11th.Th. Three editions are already available for pre-order on the PlayStation Store – the Standard Edition, the Castlevania Edition, and the Complete Edition for $39.99, $59.99, and $99.99, respectively. Castlevania and Complete Editions include five days of early access, and tons of cosmetic packs for your vampires and castle.

If you’ve been in the shadows on V Rising, it’s an open-world survival action RPG where you create your own vampire, engage in boss battles to increase your power, and build your own personal fortress to hide from the sun. . You can adventure alone or with other players – but beware, not every player will be friendly, and may even choose to attack your vampiric stronghold.

Suttonlock also revealed that they are working directly with Sony to create a better user interface for the PS5 in addition to dual-sense controller support. Admittedly, I didn’t expect V Rising to hit the PS5 so soon after launching 1.0 for PC on May 8th.Th, but I certainly won’t complain. Watch the new PS5 announcement trailer below:

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