What is included in Stellar Blade Editions? – Answered

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It’s always nice to know what’s in the pre-order editions of Stellar Blade available and every other hit release in the coming days. If you’re interested in a PS5-exclusive action game, here’s what you’ll find in each package!

What Stellar Blade Editions are available for pre-order?

If Sony Interactive Entertainment were the publisher, you’d think the Stellar Blade Editions available for pre-order would balloon in scope and price. But it is relatively easy. You have Stellar Blade Standard and Stellar Blade Digital Deluxe. There is no collector’s edition, at least not yet, and a “silver-gold premium edition” is not available. Just two!

Stellar Blade versions include:

  • Stellar Blade Standard Edition ($69.99)
    • Stellar Blade – Complete Game
    • Pre-order bonus (when pre-ordering the game)
  • Stellar Blade Digital Deluxe Edition ($79.99)
    • Stellar Blade – Complete Game
    • Stargazer Suit for EVE
    • Half-rim glasses for EVE
    • Quadruple rectangular earrings for EVE
    • Stargazer Wear for Adam and Lily
    • Stargazer pack for drone
    • 2,000 SP exp
    • 5,000 Gold is the in-game currency
    • Pre-order bonus (when pre-ordering the game)

If you’re a huge fan of the demo gameplay and want more of Stellar Blade, for just $10, Digital Deluxe is a fantastic deal. It’s mostly cosmetic, but the costumes in the game are so lovely!

What is the Stellar Blade Pre-Order Bonus?

If you pre-order the Stellar Blade version before launch day, you’ll receive the following pre-order bonus:

  • Planet Diving Suit for EVE
  • Classic round glasses for EVE
  • Ear Armor Earrings for EVE

As far as we know, there are three additional cosmetic items available as pre-order bonuses for Stellar Blade that do not affect gameplay. Are all three cosmetics worth pre-ordering the game?

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