What is Pax Dei? – Answered

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When you think of the MMORPG genre, your mind turns to the most common titles like World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV. They’re both amazing in their own unique ways, but there’s room for other kids on the block. In Phases Pax Dei, the upcoming MMORPG is off most people’s radars. But what is Pax Dei?

What you need to know about Pax D

While most of the MMORPG genre focuses heavily on end-game dungeons, raids, and PvP for the competitive crowd, some of the genre’s titles have a more social experience. They wanted to bring back the community aspect of the MMORPG and Pax Dei entered the picture. What Pax Dei is, is an upcoming sandbox MMO with a strong focus on medieval fantasy, demons, and magic.

Like the others, it gives you the opportunity to join thousands of players, build a house, create stories through emergent gameplay, and create a legend.

Speaking of building, it is important for your character’s permanent progression in the game world. You can acquire land where you can build a house, customize its interior and exterior as you play more.

Furthermore, the elements and economy of the game world are derived from the players. If you buy a sword, it is done by a player. The same goes for food, clothing, tools, and magic items.

But this is not a completely safe world. Pax Dei features challenging encounters as you delve deeper into its game world. The Wilderness hosts evil creatures, mysterious forces, and clans that fight for power and resources.

When will Pax Dei be released?

Regarding the official release date of Pax Dei, the MMORPG enters Early access on Steam On June 18. There, it has several packages with different levels of rewards and bonuses including the following:

  • the traveler
  • the artist
  • Master

All three tiers cost more, but come with added bonuses like character slots, land plots, and crafting recipes.

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