What’s new in No Man’s Sky Drift? – Answered

May 29, 2024 by No Comments

The full No Man’s Sky patch notes for the thirteenth expedition, called Adrift, provide insight into how vastly the space exploration game has changed over the years. The adventure offers a lot of variety, especially for solo players. Here’s what’s new in No Man’s Sky Adrift!

Everything is new in No Man’s Sky Drift

The New major update To No Man’s Sky allows us to experience an alternate universe, with players completely alone in the galaxy for the first time. This is a completely optional gameplay event. By engaging in Adrift, the game removes all alien creatures, meaning you can’t buy items from shops or business. No help. It’s just you.

Any structures you find are noticeably dilapidated, abandoned by lost travelers. In space, you can explore a ghost ship.

Furthermore, what remains will prove to be more challenging and dangerous than before. You’ll encounter sandworms that roam the planets, monstrous eggs that roam the habitats, and other flora and fauna out to eat you.

But one paradise remains: the Iron Vulture. It’s a howler starship that uses the game’s most recent ship customization mechanics.

If you choose to participate in Adrift, you’ll unlock unique rewards, including collectibles like the Gnawing Scuttler Companion, Starship Stealth Paint, Ghostly Frigate, and Iron Vulture Starship.

How to start Adrift in No Man’s Sky

To join the Adrift Expedition in No Man’s Sky, visit the Expedition Terminus in the Space Anomaly. Alternatively, you can start a new save game, which will jump right into the adventure. After the event ends, your save will automatically switch to normal mode.

All the rewards you unlock by playing Adrift will carry over to your other save games, thanks to the Space Anomaly Quicksilver Synthesis Companion.

You have seven weeks to unlock all the exclusive rewards in Adrift!

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