When does the Arena Breakout: Infinite closed beta start? – Answered

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Escape From Tarkov With the recent brutal events happening around everyone wants a more tactical extraction shooter style. And thankfully, you have options. Gray Zone Warfare is coming to Early Access, and the Arena Breakout: Infinite beta will start soon. Let’s take a look at the latter, shall we?

When is Arena Breakout: Infinite closed beta on PC?

If you’ve had your eye on Arena Breakout: Infinite coming to PC, you’re not alone. It’s a mobile port, which cuts some of the hype, but a PC launch appears to be on the rails. It’s gorgeous, with highly customizable operators and weapons and chaotic yet strategic gameplay. As for the Arena Breakout: Infinite closed beta, you can expect an invite soon if you’re selected, and it starts on May 8th!

The closed beta is only a test of the PC gameplay, which includes important features:

  • 360-degree spatial sound
  • Real-time lighting
  • Dark Zone map to explore
  • Realistic ballistics
  • 500 additions

A must watch for fans of the genre!

How to get access to Arena Breakout: Infinite Closed Beta

If you want access to the Arena Breakout: Infinite beta on PC, sign up on the game’s official website. They request some personal information and then they send a unique code to your email address. Once you input the code, you’ll be registered for a chance to participate in the closed beta period. They also request that you join the game’s official Discord, but that step is entirely up to you.

Alternatively, the developer seems to be giving out beta keys like candy on social media. So, hey, maybe you’ll join the game’s Discord channel and then follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram—where they’re active!

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