When is the new warzone season coming out? – Answered

May 27, 2024 by No Comments

Good news if you’ve been eagerly awaiting new content in Call of Duty: Warzone! You don’t have to wait long for the new Warzone season to start. It has plenty of new gameplay including a new game mode, rewards, perks, weapons and more.

When is the new warzone season?

Warzone Next Season, Season 4, Starting from May 29. It is a free download for all players on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. If you’re a big fan of Warzone, usually racing through all the available content quickly, you’ll be excited to discover the many new mechanics, modes and unlocks this season features!

Along with the new season of Warzone, we will enjoy the new season of Modern Warfare 3. For a competitive first-person shooter, we’ll play through several new maps and game modes, mess around with extra perks and killstreaks, and have new zombies in-season events to enjoy!

What’s New in Warzone Season 4?

Image by Activision

If you want to focus on Warzone, which remains perhaps the ultimate battle royale game on the market, then you’ll love the following new content:

  • New weapons
  • New operators and skins
  • New events
  • Gundam x Warzone crossover event
  • New Vehicle – Polaris RZR Pro R
  • Additional Warzone Rewards
  • Buy Back Solos – Game Mod
  • Play rewards are ranked
  • Various POI updates on the map

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