When will Black Ops 6 be revealed? – Answered

May 1, 2024 by No Comments

We all know that’s happening. This is the year that the brand-new Call of Duty hits the market, and this time, it’s part of the Black Ops sub-series of the long-running first-person shooter franchise. That’s a big deal, right? Black Ops remains a fan favorite, and they’re usually the best of the series. So, when is the Black Ops 6 reveal happening, guys?!

When is Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 Revealed?

According to the rumor mill, Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 will be revealed after the upcoming Xbox Games Showcase on June 9. This will not happen during the showcase but sometime after. This could be a quick teaser trailer. We may see some information about the game, such as a pre-order package, but for now there may be very little.

With Microsoft’s big acquisition of Activision, this is the second biggest Call of Duty release under their belt. It should go smoothly. Modern Warfare 3 disappointed many, so this is the studio and publisher’s chance to redeem themselves.

What do we know about Black Ops 6?

As of now, we know very little about Black Ops 6. Rumors spread. Many suggest that Woods will return again to join the action in the single player campaign.

Speaking of single-player campaigns, the upcoming Black Ops game is said to feature the series’ first true open world. No, not the vast maps of the past game with many short paths to your goal. It’s a real open world. Rumor has it that you can choose missions and side objectives and head to your destination to complete the task. But wait and see!

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