When will the new Rainbow Six Siege season start? – Answered

May 27, 2024 by No Comments

Almost a decade later, it should come as no surprise to anyone that Rainbow Six: Siege is bringing people in droves. It’s a very successful formula, even for non-competitors, you won’t be able to check recent content or watch a competitive tournament. But there is always more on the horizon. So, when does the new Rainbow Six Siege season begin?

When is the next season of Rainbow Six Siege?

The upcoming season of Rainbow Six Siege, recently revealed as Operation New Blood, will begin in June. Unfortunately, no one has an exact date yet. We know that Ubisoft usually follows a set schedule for seasonal releases at this point.

After the BLAST R6 Major Manchester, which ended on May 26, the next season of Rainbow Six Siege will enter its testing phase in the beta branch for about two weeks. After this testing period, we will see the start of the next Rainbow Six Siege season. If the timeframe is similar to previous years, Operation New Blood will begin in mid-June.

What’s new in Rainbow Six Siege Operation New Blood?

While the list of changes made to Rainbow Six Siege in Operation New Blood proves extensive, we’ll focus on the biggest, most drastic tweaks coming to the 5×5 game!

  • Boost to anti-cheat and player protection mechanics
  • Fenrir and Solis nerfs
  • The full launch of the Rainbow Six Siege Marketplace
  • Warm-up game mode is endless drill
  • Arcade game mode Attrition
  • New recruits: Striker and Sentry

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