Who is Mesmer in Shadow of the Elden Ring of Erdtree?

May 21, 2024 by No Comments

Following the phenomenal Elden Ring DLC ​​trailer, in which we saw more of the upcoming expansion’s world, story, and characters, we all had questions. I mean, who is Mesmer in Elden Ring? He’s obviously an important part of the DLC storyline, so let’s dig in and find out more!

Who was Mesmer the Impaler?

Mesmer the Impaler, an upcoming character in Shadow of the Earthtree, is a tall, red-haired man with twin snakes swirling around his unique armor. He casts fire spells, wields a pole and thanks to his extended walk.

In the trailer, along with several press shots shown to us by the studio, we see Mesmer sitting on Morgoth, the throne of the Omen Kings. According to Miyazaki, this was meant to show players that Mesmer was equal to the gods.

As part of Shadow of the Earthtree, we delve deeper into Mesmer’s story, discovering who and why he is in the Shadow Land, along with his role in the creation of the Mysterious Realm.

Furthermore, in the most recent story trailer, which you can watch below, we see Mesmer and his army destroying a city. He is clearly not a hero character; Know too much!

How long does an earth tree’s shade last?

According to current estimates, Shadow of the Earthtree will take around 20 to 30 hours to complete. However, if you play like me, it will take twice as long to complete the expansion.

As always, play at your own pace and enjoy the experience!

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