Why is Helldivers 2 listed? – Answered

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What an absolute mess! What’s going on with Helldivers 2? More importantly, what was Sony thinking by ruining their most popular PC release to date? It’s a never-ending hype train, a money-making machine, and even PlayStation Network that leads to the downfall of Helldivers 2. Here’s what you must know about why Helldivers 2 is listed in so many countries.

Why did Sony cancel Helldivers 2?

After its recent announcement that Helldivers 2 required a PSN account to play, Sony chose to remove the game in countless countries. Currently, the number of affected countries is over 100 and the number is growing. Residents of affected countries who purchased Helldivers 2 will not be able to play the game due to PSN requirements.

Furthermore, anyone with an eye on Helldivers 2 will not be able to purchase the game on Steam from one of the affected countries. It is simply not available.

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How to refund Helldivers 2

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Steam is mostly aware of the current controversy and mess surrounding Helldivers 2, but they have an active refund policy. Looks like they have temporarily lifted the embargo for Helldivers 2. If you’re one of the many countries without a PSN affected by this whole account-linking mess caused by Sony, you’ll probably want to create a support ticket with Steam. To request a refund for Helldivers 2. Here’s how:

  • open up steam.
  • Select “help” from the top left menu.
  • select”Steam support,” and then “Games, Software etc.” or “Purchases.”
  • Locate Helldivers 2 and then select “”.This is not what I expected.”
  • Then you will receive two options and select your desired “I would like to request a refund.”

tip: Do not leave the reason box blank. Give Steam Support a viable reason why you should get a refund for Helldivers 2 after tens or hundreds of hours of playing the game.

This is not a guaranteed way to receive a refund for the game. This is entirely at Valve’s discretion!

While you await Steam’s decision, take a moment to check out what Insider Gaming has been up to:

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