You can play Law Breakers again thanks to a new project

April 15, 2024 by No Comments

The Lawbreakers are back and playable again. Six years after the game shut down due to low player count, Boss Key’s team shooter is back with Lawbreakers 2.0.

Lawbreakers 2.0 is a launcher for the game that allows players to load the game and replay online multiplayer. The launcher is still under development and going through various stress tests. The official completion of the project will be announced in the future.

“Projects like this take a long time to do,” posted the project’s lead developer Disagreement. “Releasing a launcher doesn’t do much good because the whole backend won’t work without support.”

To join future public playtests, you can sign up via Discord above.

It should also be noted that this mod has no affiliation with its publisher, Nexon. Also, the project developer says that the purpose of the launcher is to make the game playable again, not to add new features or updates to Lawbreakers.

The game’s creator Cliff Bleszinki also took notice of the launcher mod, praising it with retweets as well as a link to its Discord server.

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