You will never guess what is the most popular game on TikTok

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TikTok is a touchy subject — and it has been for at least the past four years. It started as a platform that hosted videos of teenagers dancing to songs, but quickly became a melting pot of content creation, weird videos, pranks, gaming content and everything in between. Today, it’s the world’s largest short-form video-sharing platform, but it’s still a controversial application that angers the disapproving public.

However, one category where TikTok excels is gaming. Over the past three or four years, the app’s stranglehold on the gaming industry has tightened, with creators turning to the app to share short- and long-form videos, gain followers, and live-stream their gameplay.

Recently, data was revealed showing the top 500 games on the app. I am willing to bet that you will never guess the most popular game on TikTok.

Battle royale boss

In a data pull, platform mindGAME revealed the top 500 games on TikTok based on total views and video counts.

At the top of the table is Garena Free Fire, a mobile-based battle royale game that has never surpassed the likes of PUBG, Fortnite or Warzone in the general popularity stakes. It has been dramatically successful in some regions such as Southeast Asia, and as an esports-focused game, it once held the record for the most concurrent viewers for an esports tournament. Never.

in the dataRevealed that as a whole On TikTok, Garena Free Fire has increased the number of 888 billion Views spread across 87.3 million videos. Roblox is in second place with 595 billion views on 66 million videos. Fortnite came in third with 591 million views on 60 million videos.

In comparison, Call of Duty Warzone didn’t make it into the top ten – neither did Grand Theft Auto 5. Counter-Strike and Rainbow Six Siege were surpassed by Among Us and Genshin Impact and single-player epics. The likes of Red Dead Redemption 2, Elden Ring and The Last of Us sit somewhere in the 30 – 40 range.

A few fast risers have entered the list in recent weeks. For example, Manor Lords received 28 million views across 1,700 videos, and Arena Breakout: Infinite received 14.9 million views with nearly 1,700 videos.

TikTok has a lot of gaming real estate to spare, that’s for sure.

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